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Raindeer Fantasy - FA22987

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A Mix Flower Basket of 3 White Roses, 3 Red Roses, 4 Gompies, Teddy Bear, and A Heart Balloon. This is a romantic yet very adorable

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Raindeer Fantasy - A Mix Flower Basket of White Roses, Red Roses, Gompies, Teddy Bear, and a Heart Balloon

Step into a world of romance and adorable charm with "Raindeer Fantasy," a delightful mix flower basket that captures hearts with its sweet allure. This enchanting basket includes 3 white roses, 3 red roses, 4 gompies (filler flowers), a cuddly teddy bear, and a heart-shaped balloon, thoughtfully arranged to create a perfect blend of romance and cuteness.


  • 3 elegant white roses
  • 3 passionate red roses
  • 4 charming gompies (filler flowers)
  • Cuddly teddy bear for added sweetness
  • Heart-shaped balloon for a touch of romance


  • Evokes feelings of romance and adoration
  • White and red roses symbolize purity and love
  • Gompies add a touch of charm and playfulness
  • Teddy bear and heart balloon make it a heartwarming gift
  • The perfect choice for a romantic and adorable gesture

Embrace the fantasy of "Raindeer Fantasy" and let it create heartwarming memories. Whether it's to celebrate a special occasion, surprise your beloved, or simply to express your affection, this mix flower basket exudes sweetness and romance. The fresh and charming flowers will continue to bloom, carrying your love and emotions. Order now and immerse yourself in the romantic and adorable world of "Raindeer Fantasy"!

  • Put in a vase with two-thirds of room-temperature & clean water
  • Change the water every 2-3 days
  • Re-cut the stem one inch in a 45 degrees angle
  • Position in a 18-22 degrees spot
  • Remove any growing wilted parts
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