This was the first time I was ordering flowers from the USA to be deilvered to Hong Kong. The flowers were delivered on-time and from the images sent back to me, they look great! I would recommend Flower Advisor...

Debby, USA

been a customer of FA since 2012, but lately the service are very BAD and the Finance Team are very mean .. over all I am extremely DISAPPOINTED. Will not be placing any other order with FA.

Mirna Luthfi

10 January 2018

The way u fulfilled my own demand arrangement, that was really incredible.. Customer service was best.. So, thank u so much for this & i'll definitely visit *flower advisor* soon..


07 January 2018

Salam kenal moga suskses


22 December 2017

Flower looks nothing like the picture. Sparse fillers, and the arrangement looks horrible. I think I can do a better job. And there is this ugly ribbon that say floweradvisory.com.sg. Who in the world would want that on a flower bouquet? I know you guys won't publish this but, please.

Jun Rong

21 December 2017

Parah sekali operasionalnya. Saya sudah memesan jauh-jauh hari untuk pengiriman bunga utk slot pengantaran 9 am - 1 pm. Sampai sekarang tidak ada sama sekali bunga yg dikirimkan. Padahal ketika saya tanya customer service, FA bilang bahwa binga sudah terkirim. Padahal saya tanya ke semua resepsionis apartemen (termasuk calon penerima) TIDAK ADA BUNGA YANG DITERIMA. Kesimpulan: pelayanan Flower Advisor benar-benar jelek.

Hesty Dwi Utami

16 December 2017

Good i like...

Sepris mesah

15 December 2017

(Violeta Esplana from Australia)Dear Flower Advisor, i just want to say thank you for the lovely flowers. My daughter who is recovering from operation was very surprised to received such cute flowers.It left her up. She loves it. You deliver as promised. Keep up the good work. Regards, Violeta Esplana NSW Australia

Violeta Esplana from Australia

15 November 2017



12 November 2017



12 November 2017

Kode vocer


12 November 2017

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