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Gummy Bubble - FA22990

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A Sweet and Cute Bouquet with 10 Pink Roses, 6 Gompies all wrapped in a colorful wrappings like bubble gums Note: Soft pink roses may be replaced with Pink Avalanche roses with natural green edges on petals, which is a unique and beautiful characteristic of these flowers.

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Gummy Bubble - Sweet and Cute Bouquet of 10 Pink Roses and 6 Gompies

Indulge in the sweetness of Gummy Bubble, a delightful bouquet filled with 10 charming pink roses and 6 adorable gompies. Wrapped in colorful wrappings reminiscent of bubble gums, this bouquet is a sweet and cute treat for your senses.


  • 10 pink roses exuding charm and elegance
  • 6 gompies adding a touch of cuteness to the bouquet
  • Colorful wrappings resembling playful bubble gums


  • Brings a smile with its sweet and playful presentation
  • Perfect gift to show affection and appreciation
  • Suitable for various occasions, from birthdays to celebrations

Unwrap the joy of Gummy Bubble and let the delightful combination of pink roses and gompies fill your heart with happiness. Share the sweetness and cuteness with someone special and make their day a little brighter with this adorable bouquet.

  • Put in a vase with two-thirds of room-temperature & clean water
  • Change the water every 2-3 days
  • Re-cut the stem one inch in a 45 degrees angle
  • Position in a 18-22 degrees spot
  • Remove any growing wilted parts
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