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  • A Dual Delicacy - MAF 2023

A Dual Delicacy - MAF 2023 - FA25934

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PHP 4,250

Savor the richness of tradition with our 4-piece set of White Lotus Mooncakes featuring 2 yolks each. Order now to experience the exquisite blend of flavors and textures in a convenient can.

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Elevate your mooncake experience with our set of 4 White Lotus Mooncakes, each adorned with not one, but two yolks. The creamy, indulgent yolks complement the smoothness of the white lotus filling, creating a sumptuous symphony that pays homage to time-honored recipes. Encased in a can for your convenience, these mooncakes are more than a treat – they\'re a connection to the past, beautifully presented for the present. Embrace the duality of flavors and order now to relish in a delicious piece of tradition reimagined for modern times.

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