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  • Savory Mixed Nuts Mooncake - MAF 2023

Savory Mixed Nuts Mooncake - MAF 2023 - FA25939

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PHP 3,773

Experience the savory delight of our 4-piece Mixed Nuts Mooncake with Ham and Double Yolk collection. Order now to enjoy this exquisite blend of flavors, thoughtfully presented in a can.

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Embark on a culinary journey with our 4 Mixed Nuts Mooncakes featuring the richness of ham and the indulgence of double yolks. The savory notes of mixed nuts and ham combine harmoniously with the creamy yolks, creating a symphony of tastes that elevates tradition to new heights. Encased in a can for your convenience, this collection is a testament to gastronomic craftsmanship. Don\'t miss this opportunity to savor an exceptional blend of flavors – secure your order today and relish in the savory extravagance of Mixed Nuts Mooncakes with ham and double yolks.

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